Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing and Healthcare

Our expert certified  consultants are  focused on resolving unique risk management conundrums associated with cloud computing and privacy regulations within the healthcare and financial industry to ensure your organization is aligned with the proper Risk Management Framework (RMF) for cloud data security.  We will ensure that there is a transparent secured environment between the Cloud Service Provider, contractor and the consumer, define standards and provide recommendations, and address organizational concerns regarding data security laws, and regulations.

Organizations can be held liable for breaches if the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) or contractor does not comply with the applicable law or legislation. Below are the development methodologies and cloud-based solutions that are included:

  • Validate that CSPs are properly maintaining and disposing of organization data and information in accordance with contractual requirements and that proper contract language from FedRAMP for federal agencies are implemented. Define data privacy responsibilities and ensuring outsourcing strategies is in line with requirements and CSP capabilities.
  • Review stakeholder requirements to ensure they meet privacy concerns.
  • Adopt the proper framework that will focus upon migration, interoperability, limitation of risk and the system life cycles.
  • Develop a well-defined process for categorizing Federal Information Systems and defined terms to avoid over-categorization within the cloud environment.
  • Validate compliance with the federal System of Record Notification (SORN) and Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) requirements for systems being migrated to the cloud.
  • Development of technical requirement and policies for dealing with PII on cloud environment. Clearly define roles and responsibilities for incident identification, handling, and reporting when Personal Identification Information (PII), Personal Health Information (PHI), or Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) is involved.
  • Ensure proper use of SLAs to protect your security and compliance process. Review the location of data storage and determine the effect of the privacy requirements.
  • Develop skills needed within your organization to manage the CSP, establish reporting and oversight, and security/privacy measures for success.
  • Establishing a process to actively monitor and ensure compliance and improvement through SLA’s that clearly define security and privacy requirements.
  • Ensuring an Incident Response Plan is required.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan implementation.