Today’s landscape for cybersecurity shows that nearly half of companies affected by data loss were caused by internal personnel.  Out of those instances, one half of incidents which affected the loss of data were intentional and the other half of the loss of data was accidental.  Approximately five million dollars’ worth of costs due to data breaches can be associated to companies with less than 10,000 records containing secured data. However, the costs due to data breaches with companies that contain 50,000 or more records, contribute to losses in excess of thirteen million dollars.  
There are live cyber-attack threat maps that exist which can validate the information provided in the aforementioned statement regarding intentional data loss in relation to the effects of the 1.5 million cyber-attacks that occur each year. By the year 2019, the global costs for cyber-attacks are expected to surpass two trillion dollars. Please refer to THREATCLOUD’s website link and Threatbutt’s Internet Hacking Attack Attribution Map listed below to see live, real-time cyber-attacks occurring throughout the world at this very moment:
Mercury Technology Consultants’ core service is cyber-security.  MTC ensures that the proper risk management programs are in place for your organization. The risk management programs include all areas related to confidentiality, integrity, availability and integration of policies, procedures, processes, and technologies.  Our objective is to produce a robust cybersecurity framework that is proactive and that will prevent attacks by mitigating risks with the utilization of cutting edge technology which prevent threats and vulnerabilities.
Our team of security analysts focuses upon regulatory requirements such as HITRUST, PCI, FISMA, HIPAA, GLBA, DFS (Department of Financial Services), etc., for all public and private entities. MTC’s cybersecurity programs entail the protection of organizations, critical infrastructures and governments from cyber-attacks on a global stance.  As an example, ransom-ware attacks have become more prominent throughout the last decade. These attacks are motivated by financial gains and normally target critical infrastructures, including healthcare organizations, government agencies, private entities and more. The attackers will “kidnap” the data of organizations and hold the data at ransom until paid. Mercury Technology Consultants has the tools, knowledge and ability to proactively thwart cyber and ransom-ware attacks to protect entities from imminent threats.  
Request our cybersecurity solution consultation and Mercury Technology Consultants will get your business on the offense and defense against exploits and help to protect your data which includes personal, sensitive, and private information.  Unbeknownst to many, 2016 and 2017 were the years of the hackers. Unfortunately many individuals don’t recognize the mass amounts of devices connected to our networks both at home and at the office which could potentially fall victim to hackers.
Take action now and schedule a complimentary assessment and discover how Mercury Technology Consultants can protect your organization.